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Advice on dating Ukrainian girl: First Date
Date 21-04-2014 | Views  16713

 Not always the first date is the beginning of long-term serious relationship that are finally ending with wedding and marriage. But to say the truth, good advice on dating Ukrainian girl may help you to achieve the goal. First date with any girls in the world, not necessarily Ukrainian, is very crucial moment in every mans life. It is widely known that males self-esteem depends on the ability to please a girl.


On the first date with Ukrainian lady you can see what you are worth and are you able to please a girl. So, how to create a positive impression when you first met? What must you do to get her attention? There is one proverb that is widely known in Ukraine, by the way, and it sounds “A men falls in love through his eyes, and a woman love through her ears”. But do not underestimate a womans ability to appreciate the taste and style of dress.


If you go for a date with Ukrainian girl, in no case you shall wear a tracksuit and sneakers, because maybe you will feel yourself comfortable, but Ukrainian girl would hardly enjoy! She would rather expect for gentleman in the classic or man in casual jeans and shirt. Even if you are an athlete, dating is not training. And we are writing this because if you visit Ukraine, you may see many young guys who like to be in sportswear, but it does not mean Ukrainian girls like them very much. So, dont try to look like they do. Use our tips and be yourself, those are main qualities you need to find some lady from Ukraine.


 It is better to be in your best attire. If you still want to please Ukrainian girl at first sight, prefer the classic style of dress. But do not exaggerate: it is not necessarily need to wear suit jacket. Let it be pants and clean ironed shirt. Jeans are also ok, but there must be no scuffs, holes and stains. It is better that you had a good belt. Shoes must be clean. Ukrainian girl draws attention to this.


When you have first date with Ukrainian girl, try not wearing bright colors. Wear something dark. It will show you are calm and confident man, and the girls love it. It is best to take a shower before the date and use deodorant or toilet water, but do not abuse it: girls like light, not repulsive odors. Do not be late! Punctuality is what the girls especially like. It is even better if you come ten minutes earlier.


Thoroughly consider everything. At the date, be sure to ask the girl where she wants to go. If she is in doubt, propose your options (at least three). For example, start the walk from the park. Think about the route where you do not have to use transport. Then show the girl places where the twilight city is visible from. Finish your walk you can by going to a quiet, cozy cafe.


Remember, that Ukrainian girls do not like talkers, but they do not like demure persona even more! So, what men Ukrainian girls do not like and what to do not to be one of them? Find gold middle, move the dialogue. Answer her questions; ask questions yourself, because she must notice your interest in herself. The best option would be emotional conversation during a walk that is bound to please the girl.


Men love to talk about their achievements, successes, as it is an integral part mens life. Do not be shy about that and feel free to talk about your goals and plans. Ukrainian girls like focused guys, not those who used to go with the flow. But do not forget that important qualities for Ukrainian girls are sensitivity, attention and care.


To please the girl - dont afraid to tell her compliments. During the evening, ask whether she is cold. Come up behind her, touch her ​​shoulder in a soft, gently (not rude) manner. The girls like it, even if they do not show you that. Though, watch the situation, maybe she is not ready for that touch.


When you are on the first date with Ukrainian girl, never talk about the following things:


-         about sex (she might think that it is the only thing you want, and that you just want to use her)

-         about disadvantages you have;

-         especially you should not talk bad about people and use swear words when speaking;

-         do not speak about things you do not like;

-         do not talk about your illnesses too.


If you really want to please your Ukrainian lady, never come on a date with the friend. If by chance you meet your friends, do not call them for a walk together. Just within the time youll be able to invite her to meet with the closest friends of yours. However, if it still happen so that you have met someone, immediately introduce your girlfriend to the friends and vise verse.


Very important for Ukrainian girl is the fact that you walk her right to the house. She will also like if you tell her how you been pleased with her today, and hope that you will necessarily meet soon again. But say it frankly, without flattery.


The first kiss should be easy and persistent at the same time, which implies that now your girl from Ukraine is your goddess. Stay where you are until her beautiful silhouette disappears in the front of your eyes. Girls love it. To end the first date is better writing nice text message. The next day necessarily to wish her ​​good morning in the same way; she must be sure you have not forgotten about her. Then make her a phone call during the day, the conversation has to be not long, but nice and warm. For the second appointment it is recommended to come with flowers, to show that you do not only like her, but also try to awaken deeper feelings. So, good luck on the first date with your Ukrainian girl.

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