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Typical Ukrainian Woman
Date 21-04-2014 | Views  14344

A new study has revealed the secret of why Ukrainian women are so valued worldwide. It turns out that Ukrainian woman is a real phenomenon. If to judge according to Ukrainian fairy tales typical Ukrainian woman is brown-eyed beauty with contrasting black eyebrows and good figure. Though, it is not only miracle from fairy tale but the real truth. According to survey results, Ukrainian woman has at least three advantages over others. Firstly, average Ukrainian woman is 4.7 inches taller above the average Asian, secondly, has the third size of the breast (out of 4 possible according to Ukrainian table of breast size) and university degree in addition.


Now a little more details. The average age ofUkrainian women is 36 years. The average age of a Ukrainian woman who lives in the city is 34 and average age of Ukrainian woman who lives in the village is 39. The average life expectancy of Ukrainian lady is 74 years which is 5 years less than American woman and 6 years less than Swede. Ukrainian woman in average lives 9 years longer than Ukrainian man. Most of Ukrainian woman live in urban areas, woman city population is twice bigger than rural one. According to statistics reported six out of ten marriages broke up last year in Ukraine so average Ukrainian woman lives alone. The initiator of break up in 87 cases out of a hundred was a woman. Increasingly Ukrainian women are seeking foreign prince. According to statistics every year Ukrainian women marry 3% more men from European Union and has 5% more American fiances who placed official marriage with Ukrainian woman in comparison to previous year.


In 2012 Ukrainian women bought 12 percent more elite cosmetics than before last, spending about $ 30 million. Psychologists have found that Ukrainian woman works 60 percent more than men because she usually also does domestic work and take care about children. If to take into consideration the last fact it is not surprising that about 5 million Ukrainian women illegally work in Western European countries clean other peoples homes there and look after other peoples children.


Is everything so good concerning Ukrainian woman, and what foreign man should be aware when looking for girl in Ukraine? What about the health of Ukrainian woman? 25 percent of Ukrainian women suffer from female ailments and about 30 percent have got low back pain. Last year, every Ukrainian woman gave birth to 1.2 infants. 22 percent of families have 1 child and this is mostly because of unstable and harsh economical reality in Ukraine, otherwise Ukrainian woman would like to rise up at least 3 children. In addition, Ukraine has made ​​250 thousand abortions, and every third woman pregnancy goes with complications. If to look at the field of education, half of all University diplomas belong to women. Ukrainian woman are religious, 74 percent of Ukrainian woman believe in God. The most popular Ukrainian women names nowadays are Cristina, Anastasia, Sofia, Irina, Julia. So, if you are Ukrainian man or the man from other part of the world who is willing to choose Ukrainian wife, those might be possible name of your future bride. 

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