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Three secrets of female psychology
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 These, mysterious and unique, gentle and tender, sometimes haughty and unapproachable, weak and wonderful, so different  woman.


I'll start with one of my favourite parables that the Chinese sages have given the world. "... Once a man came to God and said, he was bored, God thought: from what to create a woman, since all the material went into the manufacture of men. But, he could not refuse, and set to work! He took a few rays of the sun, pensive melancholy of the moon, awe of a doe, affectionate look of chamois, beauty of a swan, slenderness of a reed, meekness of a dove, the sweetness of honey, softness of down, ease of air, and freshness of water ... mixed it all ... But in order to avoid excessive sweetness, added: impermanence of the wind, the cunning of a fox, venom of a snake, greediness of a shark, cowardice of a hare, cruelty of the tiger, tearing clouds, talkativeness of magpies, and all the horrors of the elements ... Out of all this mixture came, BEAUTIFUL WOMAN! God breathed into her soul, and gave to man and said, "Take care of her, she will not be repeated! ..." How to understand a woman? What do women want?  Throughout his life and fruitful work of the famous psychotherapist Sigmund Freud did not find the answer to this question. Good and well! Would have been interesting if we were men? Female psychology is no less complex and interesting than mens. This stunning multi-faceted world of passions and emotions is not the combined world of feelings and moods, understand that it may not always be the woman herself. Well, try to figure it out together.


Today I will reveal to you three secrets of female psychology.


Secret One:  About communication. For women it is above all love, communication, beauty, the world of human relations. Our sense of self and confidence is determined by our feelings and the quality of relationships. A woman will not have a full feeling of self-realization without the ability to communicate, to share their feelings and experiences with others. 


How to use this knowledge? 


Tips for Women:

Knowing this secret, you should not reduce your communication to a minimum or even abandon it, even if you have a relationship with a young man or you got married.


Communicate with a group of your friends together!


Take time to talk on the phone. Let them not be lengthy, but they will still be in your life.


Speak to your partner about issues of your free time and when you can meet with friends or family independently.


Tips for Men:

No matter how much you do not like your girlfriend or wife, in any case, do not limit her to communicate with her friends. One of the most common mistakes made when the young man begins to choose, with whom his girlfriend or wife can communicate with and who she cant. The more you try to control and reduce a womans social circle, the more unhappy you are going to make her.


Even if you do not like one of her girlfriends, let her decides who she wants to communicate with. Sometimes friends can speak ill of you, and you begin to fear that it might affect your relationship. Believe me, if a girl, listens to their opinions, and is still with you, then with time, she will reduce her communication with that friend.


If you restrict her social circle, it will mean that you need fill it with something. Your mere presence is exactly what will not succeed! This is the feature of the female psyche: the more people she manages to discuss what she cares about, (even the trifle), the easier her life will be.


Secret Two:  About emotional dips


Regardless of the occurrence of menstrual cycle every woman once a month experiences a strong emotional failure. From the outside it looks like this: You were smiling yesterday, and extremely happy. Today you woke up and think that clearly something is wrong. The world around you is not so bright, you're not so beautiful, your husband looks different, lost confidence in yourself and your own abilities ... And an enormous number of differences, BUT... in a state of emotional failure woman become irritable, hyper sensitive, depressed and tearful. It is especially hard for men to understand mood swings. Remember that emotional failures occur in every woman's life. It's okay! This is the feature of female psychology. 

How to use knowledge? 

Tips for Women:


Think about it, this state of emotional failure lasts 1-2 days. So it will soon pass.


Try not to lose your temper with your loved ones.

Think about how you will place yourself in a state of rest. For example: to lie in bed, drink a cup of hot tea, soak in the bath, go shopping, take care of yourself, etc. Fill this gap. Incidentally, it helps many women to view melodramas or soap operas. You may like to share a part of the emotional stress with the television screen.

Tips for Men:

Stock up on care and patience :)


During such moments be aware that your increased attention towards your loved one may be receive or rejected. Make a cup of tea, or run a hot bath. Be constant in your love and care, and if she requires space and solitude let her have it. Remember this will only last for a day or two.


Remember that in a state of emotional failure women are very sensitive to the wording in phrases and sentences. Therefore, eliminate the guesswork from conversations or hints of her condition, as well as valuable tips on how to help her. 


Secret Three:  About the feeling of love and caring


Woman, to feel happy, need to feel the love and care on the part of men.


How to use knowledge? 


Council for Women:

Dear girls, stop chasing your career and try to have time to do everything you want! Remember that only the presence of a beloved man next to you will make you truly happy! Do not delay your personal life for later.


Advice for men:

Always remember one simple phrase from the parable, I have described: "Take care of her, she will not be repeated!"

Enjoy who they are because they ARE - WOMAN! Open your own boundaries and the possibilities! It's so nice!


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