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First dates - are of a particular thrill and excitement in our hearts ... 

We try to consider all the details! We want to make a good impression on our companion, and even more eager to have our expectations of the forthcoming meeting materialize. If a relationship has been developing, your first date will never be forgotten! 



 Lets talk about a first date:

  • How to make the first date not the last?
  • What mistakes should not be allowed?

So, here are some of the mistakes on a first date:

  •  Flirting and rendering favours to the people sitting at the next table.You came out on a date - be polite to each other, respect the feelings of your partner. Now he or she is your soul objective, there should be no one around that will divide your attention. Flirting with others in the presence of your companion is not acceptable; you will never demonstrate your popularity, sexuality or appeal.

  • Bragging - one of the most common mistakes that the person does not notice. Consider in more detail, in what will appear to be bragging in men and women. 

As for men - talk about your achievements - one of the favourite topics of conversation. This is normal - it features in male psychology. 

It is important not to cross the line beyond your achievements and professional skills, it can turn into selfishness. This feature is easy to define, and it is not necessary to talk only about you all the time, let the girl speak, listen, and be sincere in her interests. 

Of course, do not tell everything about yourself at once - let there be something that you can surprise a person with at your next meeting.

Girls! We are unique in this matter!   If the man is bragging and being selfish, bring something feminine into the discussion of your independence and self-sufficiency. 

Remember, competing in achievements and successes in life with a man, and especially on the first date, you display a lack of confidence in him and that you do not need him. 

He thinks: "Why tell her, if she's so strong and able to do everything herself" or "She's so extraordinary, I just do not deserve her." 

Girls, a man building a relationship is motivated by the realization that you need him, without him you cannot manage. 

Show wisdom and make emphasis on your weaknesses. Men want to protect and defend you. He will understand that in your life you are lacking protection.


  • Inattention relative to each other.

Firstly, do not neglect the rules of etiquette. 

Guys, help a girl out of the car, open the door for her to enter or leave the room, be ready to take her coat and put on the coat stand. Slide her chair in at the table when she is on it. Provide the opportunity to order her meal in the restaurant, inquire her smoking preferences, etc. Yes, about etiquette: in any case, do not use a toothpick at the table! If you have the need to use one, excuse yourself and go to the bathroom. 

Secondly, girls, show care and attention to a young man. If you see that he is very worried, reassure him, and tell him that youre excited about your meeting! Thank for favours rendered by him, use the phrase "thank you, very much", "I was pleased when you ...", "I find it very interesting ..." 

Thirdly, pay attention to the comfort or discomfort of the person who is with you. If you notice that they are inconvenienced, then you could offer to change seats, pass a napkin or salt from your side of the table. Create a relaxed atmosphere around you. If you are placed on a couch in the restaurant ask each other if a pillow is required for their back, etc.

  • One of dating mistakes - is how and where you sit. 

Try to be seated next to, or at a 90 degree angle to each other at the table. The presence of an unfamiliar person in front of you, on a subconscious level, can cause a feeling of fear, excitement, discomfort, and sometimes even aggression. 


Also, if you are in a noisy restaurant, it will be uncomfortable and difficult to hold a conversation  having to raise your voice all the time. If the person sits next to you or at a 90 degree angle - it causes a feeling of confidence and a sense of kinship (as if you have been familiar). Communication process will be much easier, more active and lively.


  • Gestures and postures on a date.

Do not slouch in or on your chair. Gents try to stay on the same level or a little higher than your date - it will make you look strong and courageous in the girls eyes. Do not hide your hands under the table, behind the chair or folded cross your chest. Incidentally, some people tend to become so engrossed in the conversation that they do not realise that they are fidgeting; this gives an impression of anxiety, stress and lack of confidence. Do not do it. From the outside it is distractive, and does not look nice. 

Physical contact! 

There is also an important question about touch. It does not become a fatal mistake; touching a girl should be gradual, and not using an aggressive method. For example, lightly touching shoulder to shoulder, or hip to hip, and brushing the back of your hands when walking. Placing your hand lightly on the small of a ladies back when ushering her through a door. Watch for her reaction. If she is not ready for close contact - do not persist, give it time.

  • Using a mobile phone during a date.

No sms, phone calls, peeping - it's a failure. It is best to switch your mobile phone off. People might think that you are not interested in them, and that you are bored.

On a first date everything has a specific meaning for you, because its a very strong emotion. Remember the impression you created during the first 7 seconds when you met.

Be cheerful, smile, and sincere in your questions and answers.

Be yourself!

Behave as if you have known each other for a few years! Think of a first date as an opportunity to communicate with a new and interesting person.

You will succeed! 

Sign up, and be one step closer your first date.


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