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Is It Good or Bad to Try Online Dating?
Date 21-04-2014 | Views  4903

Dating Online, Popular Life Style

The development of the Internet has brought tremendous changes to people's lives. It not only effects people's lifestyle, but also influences the way we find love or marriage. Just sign up on any Social Networking Services like Facebook, Twitter or Google, and there are millions of people from different places, different countries out there waiting to meet you online and be friends with you. Or, you can create a profile on some professional Internet dating services like ChnLove to find a Chinese wife. It's easy, quick and effective and has become more and more popular with single people around the world in today's fast paced society.

Good Or Bad For You To Date Online?

The Internet is a virtual world, and there are some concerns within this special cyber dating atmosphere. Is it safe? Is the one who loves me online real and dependable? What are the advantages of dating online? What are the differences between Internet dating and traditional dating? And which way is better? Well, I would say each coin has two sides and there is an up side and down side to online dating. In my opinion, online dating provides more opportunities to find love and actually quite a lot of these online daters get married in the end just as they had initially hoped and expected. Next, I would like to point out some advantages of Internet dating and share my opinion of how I see people's concerns about it.

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Advantage NO. 1: Wide Variety And More Options

In today's society, people face many different kinds of pressure, especially from work. Their jobs take up a lot of time and energy, so they prefer to stay at home and browse the Internet after the work. They become the so-called "indoor" men and women. In this way, their social circles are smaller and there are fewer chances for them to find their mates in daily life. Online networks connect people around the world and give these single people more choices and options when looking for a wife or husband. Moreover, it is not just for domestic marriages, but also brings hope and convenience to international marriages. If you are a Westerner who is seeking Asian women for marriage, you can sign up on a Chinese dating site and easily find ladies of your type to chat with and develop a serious relationship.


Advantage NO. 2: More Personality Than Appearance

On blind dates, people decide whether he/she is the one mostly by their appearance at first sight, before they have a deeper understanding of his/her personality. So, many people with good character and personality can lose the chance to win love, because these relationships begin from the outside in. Online dating is just the opposite. Suppose you are dating a Chinese woman, you are far away from her and most of the time you communicate through the Internet rather than talking to each other face-to-face. In this way, you two share more opinions and feelings on hobbies and life and get to know more about each other. Then the relationship between you and your Chinese girlfriend will be more solid because it is based on the understanding and the charm of personality. Perhaps she knows how you look like through the photos you post in your profile, but there are some differences between what you look like in the photo and you in real life, so she will not take the photos that seriously and focus more on your inside qualities. At last, owing to mutual understanding, your love grows stronger and marriage blossoms; even if one's looks are not as attractive as he/she thinks.


Advantage NO. 3 : Time Saving And Cost Effective

Chatting with girls online is quick and convenient, so you have more time to watch sports shows, do some reading, play golf or do whatever else you want. You also do not need to spend too much money on your dates with her, buying dinner, gifts and so on. Consequently, in some ways, Internet dating is much cheaper and saving time.


Advantage NO. 4: Cultural Exchange and Romance Between Countries

This mainly refers to cross-cultural marriages through online dating. Since different countries have different cultures and customs, when women in China get married to men from other countries some problems may arise due to cultural differences. However, from another perspective, you've got more topics to talk about, can satisfy your curiosity about exotic cultures and live a wonderful and colorful life with more diversity. What's more, on a higher level, this type of marriage can enhance good relations and understanding between China and other countries, reduce disputes between countries and make the world more peaceful.


About Your Concerns

There have been many negative reports about online dating over the last several years. Questions about its integrity and scams worry people and many hardly believe that true love can be found in a virtual environment. But in fact, Internet dating is just another way to chase love. In and of itself, it is neither good nor bad. Even if you meet someone in your daily social circles, you have the chance of being played or cheated on by him or her. Love is blind to skin color, nationality or how it might come about. In "The Science Of Love," Anthony Walsh once defined love as that, "Which satisfies one's need to receive and bestow affection and nurturance; to give and be given assurances of value, respect, acceptance and appreciation." So all that matters in love is how you feel about her. Besides, there are so many successful marriages in support of online dating - one of the most shocking and romantic marriages is the "Cinderella-like" marriage between Wu Mulan and a Polish presidential candidate. After seeing that, I am really confident that true love does exist in Internet dating.  


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